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New Society Steve Bradshaw wrote for New Society, contributing to the Arts in Society column

Steve was a radio critic for The Listener, and also wrote for New Society, contributing to the Arts in Society column alongside John Berger, Albert Hunt and Reyner Banham. His book on Western flaneurs - Cafe Society - was published in 1978. He was London correspondent for the New York rock magazine Crawdaddy.

In 1970 he covered the death of Jimi Hendrix (he had been with Eric Burdon when the singer learnt of Hendrix's death). His exclusive interview with Alan Ginsberg about his co-operation with Bob Dylan was published in The Melody Maker.

He has also written for The Financial Times, The Daily Express, The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, The Spectator, Prospect, The New Musical Express and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Steve's novella Briard was published by Peach Publishing in 2018 and has been described as "Up there with the very best animals novels... the equal of Morpurgo's ;The War Horse' with which it shares its main setting..." and "close to matching Jack London's 'White Fang' in its intensity."

He is now working on a book called Mocha Dick and the Falling Cherry Blossom. Also narrated by a non-human person, the novel is built round Steve's suggestions that the portrait of Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick was inspired by the 19th century whaler Thomas Roys while the narrator Ishmael is a dark self-portrait of Herman Melville and his struggles to become a literary writer.

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