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Emmy award-winning, independent, UK-based...

Steve is the director of Anthropocene - the first feature film about humanity's new epoch.

Most recently he is the author of Briard, the first novel about the dogs who fought in the First World War.

He has also presented, written, & reported over 100 TV and radio documentaries from over 40 countries.

For 20 years Steve was a full time correspondent for BBC TV's flagship Panorama and previously was also a reporter and presenter for BBC TV's Newsweek, Correspondent, People and Power, and Newsnight. His films have also appeared on WGBH Front Line in the US and ABC's Four Corners in Australia along with many other channels across the world. He's also produced and directed his own films for TVE/BBC World and BBC 4 and edited series for BBC World and Al Jazeera.

In the 70's Steve's radio work on BBC Radio London's Breakthrough, Radio One's Newsbeat, LBC, and Radio 4's File on 4 helped pioneer a more informal style of music and current affairs radio.

His TV and radio documentaries provoked debates on global warming, open government, Parliamentary lobbying, MPs interests, the UK's cancer record, poor surgery, the West's record over genocide in Rwanda, the MDGs and maternal mortality and inequality. He's a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Steve was the only UK journalist to make a primetime film about the case against the war in Iraq. He also claims to have been the first person to play Bruce Springsteen on British radio.

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Briard: The Novel

Steve's short novel Briard - the first about the dogs who fought in the First World War - is now available through Peach Publishing on Amazon Kindle.

“Riveting read… spellbinding plot… beautifully crafted… truly moving.”

Literary agent: Sonia Land at Sheil Land Associates -


Steve's feature documentary about our artificial planet premiered at the Copenhagen Film Festival in 2015 - see It has been called one of the top 10 documentaries about planet Earth ( and a film which could bring hope for us all (H-Net).

The Investigation is the Story: Steve talks to California's Center for Investigative Reporting

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'Steve Bradshaw is a British journalist, broadcaster and TV film-maker whose distinguished career spans 40 years ...He attracted attention with a programme entitled "Breakthrough", which had a loose, open-ended format based on American FM radio and featured many guests from the hippy underground and the pop/rock scene - including was news and current affairs, rather than music radio, which was the main focus of his later career. His work often took a challenging, radical viewpoint on issues of the day and he ascribed this to his background in the hippy-era culture which inspired "Breakthrough".'

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